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Severe flooding that occurred since mid of 2011 through to the beginning of 2012 in Thailand has been considered as one of the worst natural disasters in terms of costs and the amount of businesses affected. There are a number of measures to alleviate burdens of different nature which have been put in place to assist businesses in including tax relief measures. And although there are several tax measures in the forms of tax exemptions and tax incentives already in place since before the latest flooding occurrence, but as the flooding situation was aggravated to such a severe extent towards the end of 2011, the government introduced additional tax exemption and incentive measures, details of which are summarized in the tables below: → Read more

The Department of Intellectual Property, the competent authority, prepared and submitted a Draft Trade Mark Bill (the “Bill”) to the Council of State for its consideration and review in 2008. After pending for consideration for more than 3 years, the Council of State recently approved the Bill and has submitted it to the Cabinet for their consideration and approval. → Read more