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On 2 November 2011, the remuneration committee issued a notification increasing the minimum wage to 300 Baht effective 1 April 2012. With an approximate 40% raise for employment wages in Bangkok, NakhonPathom, Nonthaburi, PathumThani, Phuket, SamutPrakan and SamutSakhon, this action has prompted an outcry among those in the business sector who foresee this surge of minimum wage as negatively impacting business costs, especially in businesses where a large labour force is required. This shift has also brought about a growing concern in regard to future foreign direct investment as this newly-increased pay rate will no longer make investment attractive in Thailand. As a consequence, some of those affected have filed claims against the remuneration committee to the Administrative Court stating that such minimum rate increase is unlawful and that interim measures of protection are needed in order to suppress or minimize the impact of the minimum pay rise. → Read more