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Intellectual properties, particularly copyright, patent and trademark, serve as profoundly valuable assets for a business, and different sets of laws have been established to protect the exclusive rights of each holder of intellectual property. Some intellectual properties require notification or registration in order to obtain protection. Formerly, protection of rights only applied exclusively in the countries where the properties were created. Systems of international protection over intellectual properties have now been adopted by means of multilateral agreements. → Read more

Mediation has accumulatively been chosen over other available means of dispute settlements. Previous mediation systems before the Regulations on Mediation by Public Prosecutors, B.E. 2555 (the “Regulation”) was issued did not impose any obligation upon the accountable prosecutor to notify the disputants in writing of their rights to the mediation process to be conducted by responsible prosecutor(s), but the disputants themselves shall initiate the mediation process through officers in charge. This Regulation has come into force since 1 July 2012, and it demands collaboration of the Department of People’s Rights Protection and Legal Aid (the “Department”). → Read more