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Sumit Masrungson

Senior Consultant – LLB, Certificate of Dallas-Fort Worth School of Law

Specialises in: Litigation

Sumit joined Siam Premier in January 2018. He was a partner at Chandler & Thong-ek Law Office. Over 36 years of experience in litigation practice throughout the course of his legal profession, he has gained trust from the wide range of clients. His expertise includes employment laws, business rehabilitation, bankruptcy laws, construction and dispute resolution including arbitration.

From his specialization, he has often been invited as a guest speaker or an adjunct lecturer at various public and private universities, and private sectors.

He served as Vice President to the Academic Affairs of Lawyers Council of Thailand under the Royal Patronage. He is also a member of Thai Bar Association.

Tel +66 2646 1888 ext: 1149 Fax +66 2646 1919
Email Sumit@SiamPremier.com